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About artist
: Jaroslaw Jacek Sokol
: http://www.SokolArt.doop.pl
: 2014-03-25 12:43:58
Jaroslaw Jacek Sokol was born in 1964 in Lukow, Poland. He graduated from Horticulture Academy in Lublin where studied gardening. After studies he worked in various commercial companies. For 20 years he cooperated with Joanna Link’s Gardens company assisting them in design and setup of different gardens. Cooperation with Maciej Link was always a big inspiration for him, because with creating of gardens lies great responsibility and a great esthetical feeling. Jaroslaw Sokol mainly uses acrylic paints, his first paintings were created in 2005. To this moment his works of art have found their place at his own house in Peterborough/ Cambridgeshire where he lives with his family. It is an abstract art, but several of these works were inspired by sunsets or seaside views. Jaroslaw Sokol’s paintings are solidly protected with gloos varnish. Paintings are ready to be hanged up on the wall. Every single one of them are signed and original.
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Mixed techniques / Abstraction

Author: Jaroslaw Jacek Sokol
Size: 40x60
Description: Acrylic on canvas wit wooden elements.
Visits: 4270

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