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Our artists

Większość moich obrazów zawiera wiele treści...
Orginaly, w stylu japońskim (płaskie tło) Van Gogh...
zgadzam się w zupełności...bardzo lubię obrazy Naty :)

Art gallery, paintings, sculpulture, free archive for every one.

Painting and Graphick
Stained glass
PC Graphick
Inform about news:
Art Gallery - paintings, sculpulture.

Art Gallery promote
young artist. Give
no limited access to
put your paintings,
sculpulture in
our website.
We give you
free website aswell.

Conditions and Terms of Service

This page consists of the User Agreement (Agreement) and the Conditions of Use of the website www.doop.pl. The service is provided by the Skaweks Company located on Elsner Street 3b in Jelenia Góra.

Before becoming the User of the Internet gallery www.doop.pl, you are bound to familiarize yourself with all the Conditions incorporated in the Agreement and The Rules of Confidentiality, and express your consent. Above conditions regard rules defined below.

The Company reserves the right to amend the parts of the Agreement at Company’s discretion, at any time. The changed version will be published on the website and it will be send to you by e-mail. Each amended Agreement will regulate newly registered User from the date of publication. It will apply to existing User after 30 days from the date of the User notification. All other amends of this Agreement are binding under the condition of expressing them in writing and accepting by the user.
By accepting the above rules, you agree to the way your personal data is dealt with by the www.doop.pl. They will not be used in any other purposes. Disclosure of the personal data may be required only by the Law Enforcement Agencies under Conditions described in the “Ustawa o ochronie danych osobowych”

Prohibitions and Orders, Help

The User has an access to Help/Contact facility allowing them to inform www.doop.pl about works, descriptions or events which breach the rules of Agreement or/and are against the common law and about the Users breaching the rules of the Agreement. All complaints will be examined and if the need arises the necessary steps will be taken. This facility may be also used to contact us in any appropriate issues.

You are prohibited to act in a way which makes operation of the gallery difficult or undermined. If there is such a case the user’s account and his computer's IP number will be banned immediately. All the necessary steps leading to receiving repayment for the damage done will be taken, as such actions may be considered a criminal offence.

The description may not contain any personal or contact data. If the user displays such data in the description, he/she will be given a reprimand and in case of repeating the offence, the User will be removed from the gallery and banned from its future use.
It is prohibited to publish works which are not an Intellectual or factual properties of the User without clear notice stating the fact in the description .

Gallery www.doop.pl reserves the right to suspend User’s account if any of the rules of the Agreement are broken including those: advertising of other websites, spamming, advertising of competing galleries and using wording widely recognised as insulting and users whose actions are considered harmful to the www.doop.pl.

All the submitted works are subject to checking and approval of the Gallery www.doop.pl prior to their exhibition as to verify and correct all the mistakes in the work description.

The uninterrupted, continuous access to the gallery is not guaranteed because of possible interference of different factors independent of us. However we promise to avoid such interruptions at all costs.

Registration and personal data
The registration of individual using the gallery is done after providing name, surname, complete address (permanent or temporary) together with the country name, e-mail address, contact phone number and optionally other data included in the registration form.

The security of user’s personal data is guaranteed by the www.doop.pl. The data safety procedures protect the data from being accessed by unauthorised individuals. Only very narrow group of authorised people have an access to these data.

The User is obliged to keep your personal data up-to –date at all times and immediately after the change of it, however the User may not remove it from our database as long as he/she uses the services of art gallery www.doop.pl.

The user hereby by registration to the website expresses his consent to maintain and process his personal data by www.doop.pl under the conditions described in the Data Protection Policy. All the data processing is subject to the Ustawa o Ochronie Danych Osobowych and the common law.

During registration process the User has the possibility to choose name of his page which will look as follows: www.ThereIsYourWebsite.doop.pl

By "Nick” the proper name, artistic pseudonym, name or surname used by an artist while signing his works is meant. The nick is a sole responsibility of the User and it may not be given to any third party
The user has an access and opportunity to amend his/her personal data by the website www.doop.pl. The removal of the data from our database may be demanded by the User. WWW.doop.pl may refuse this demand in the cases justified by the law. Once chosen name of the web page may not be amended.

The user may only sell his works. The User may not be a reseller of the Art Works.

The Gallery – copyrights

The User hereby states that work (s) published on the website www.doop.pl are his/her Intellectual Property and are made by him/her and they are legal by the regulations of the Polish law and that they are in agreement with the rules of this Agreement. This means, among other things, that they are not: plagiarism, copy or another work which is not consistent with the description in the Gallery.
The artist after logging in will receive a letter containing a code which must be inputted into the designated space in the gallery. It is done for the purpose of personal data verification. The letter will contain a shortened version of the Rules. (the most important points governing our gallery)

The Works submitted to the www.doop.pl must be described thoroughly. It is a sole responsibility of the submitter to avoid all the errors and inconsistencies of such description. The information must be complete, accurate and it may not mislead other Users and this is applicable to the photographs accompanying the description as well.

The Work should be placed in the most suitable category. Placing it in the category designated to other works is prohibited and it is one of the reasons of the added works and descriptions verification.
In categories “sculpture, ceramics, glass and others” up to three photographs of the item may be placed. It does not apply to the category “painting" where only one photograph of the painting may be added.

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